Installing New Charging Stations is Expensive and Time Consuming

To win new EV customers, you don’t have time to wait. But traditional installations means slow permitting, expensive infrastructure upgrades, and can easily be under or over sized. We solved all these problems with ES300.


Fast Deployment

We streamline permitting and deploy a plug and play solution twice as fast as other charging stations.


Cost Effective

Our product usually require no electrical upgrade, no digging, and no extra site work.


Flexible & Movable

With our ES300 solution, we can add or remove chargers to fit real customer demand. 

We are Elywhere

We’re a mix of both seasoned and young, talented engineers, designers and software developers with a groundbreaking idea designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow. Together, we are on a mission to break down barriers to deploying electric charging infrastructure everywhere.

Starting with our ES300 product for commercial customers, we provide advanced and climate friendly, smart charging solutions for the rapidly growing EV markets world wide.

12-18 Months

Time saved with ES300 installs

4-8 Chargers

Flexible systems

We are looking for new colleagues

The future of Elywhere is bright, and we are looking for new colleagues to join us on this exciting journey.

EV Charging Site Manager

Ensure our deliveries measure up to the highest standards, from production to location.


We need more skilled electricians to cater to the increasing demand for our products.

We Are Happy To Be Working
With The Best

Elywhere is growing fast and we are honored to be working with fantastic
customers and partners. Come join US.

Elywhere is the select partner for Circle K

Our team is proud to be working with Circle K to test the ES300 charging solution at several locations in Norway starting summer 2022.

Simple Process

Often, the process of deploying new EV charging stations is complicated, time consuming, and expensive. Through our modular and mobile solution, we’ve simplified the whole process for Circle K’s management team.


We designed a Circle K branded experience which also integrates seamlessly with POS and existing business infrastructure.

Scalable + Flexible

With the Elywhere flexible platform, Circle K can install and right-size each charging station to meet customer demand as they roll out programs in Norway and beyond.