Energy Orchestration System


Managing charging infrastructure and battery systems can be complex, often requiring a multitude of software tools. Elywhere:connect streamlines this with a unified platform for managing EV charging, battery storage, and energy flows. We're proud to introduce it as a pioneering Energy Orchestration System (EOS), leading the way in integrated energy management.

Powered by edge to cloud architecture

Elywhere: connect’s edge-to-cloud architecture optimizes the balance between local processing and cloud intelligence. It efficiently handles vast energy data sets on-site and relays only key insights to the cloud, enhancing real-time application performance and data relevancy.

Complete EOS

Powered by edge analytics

Elywhere:connect employs edge analytics to harness extensive energy data, empowering AI and ML-driven real-time predictive analytics for intelligent decision-making. This platform enables third-party apps to utilize this data for advanced applications, including peak shaving, predictive maintenance, advanced battery health monitoring, and solar production forecasting, all enhancing efficiency and strategic energy management.


Elywhere:connect accelerates the electrification of transport by ensuring EV charging infrastructure enhances grid stability rather than competing with it. Our platform maximizes the utility of local renewable production, channeling excess energy into storage or direct use, depending on demand. By optimizing energy usage and storage, we mitigate the impact on the grid, providing a harmonious balance between electrification and grid reliability. This approach not only furthers the adoption of EVs but also contributes to a resilient and sustainable power network.



:connect enhances operational capabilities by providing real-time data on charging station status, boosting proactive management and system optimization.

User interface and ease of use

Our design is centered around the user, marrying simplicity with functionality. Intuitive and user-centric, it offers detailed visualizations for in-depth insights, ensuring a seamless experience in managing charging station operations tailored to individual needs and preferences.


This streamlined dashboard provides real-time monitoring and control for charging stations, providing immediate insights into system performance, including battery health and grid interaction. It enables swift decisions, aligns with market commitments, and simplifies compliance through detailed session logs for enhanced efficiency and an optimized user experience.


Elywhere:connect harnesses cutting-edge technology to streamline energy supply with demand, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost savings. Our system uses smart algorithms to fine-tune energy distribution, prioritizing renewables for a greener grid. This balance supports Charge Point Operators by maintaining excellent service and enhancing the energy network's resilience and sustainability.

Diverse revenue streams

Engage in grid frequency markets and explore opportunities in local power flexibility and voltage fluctuation compensation markets to enhance growth and revenue potential. :connect’s approach optimizes energy use and supports the development of Virtual Power Plants, contributing to a sustainable grid infrastructure.


Enhancing High-Power DC Charging Access
Elywhere aims to democratize high-power DC charging by addressing limited power availability, especially in areas with weaker power networks. We are committed to strengthening the overall accessibility and reach of EV charging infrastructure.

Mitigating Peak Demand Periods
Strategically schedule BESS charging during low grid price periods and discharge during peaks to align with EV charging demand. This approach ensures significant cost efficiency for Charge Point Operators, minimizes energy expenses during high grid price periods, and ensures a more balanced power distribution across the grid, bolstering grid stability and promoting a more efficient energy system.

Grid Stability and Predictability Enhancement
Seamlessly integrate with frequency stability markets like FFR and FCR, empowering stakeholders to contribute to a more stable grid infrastructure through battery energy systems.

Unified Control and Visibility
Integrate Battery Energy Storage Systems, chargers, and renewal production into a unified management system to gain comprehensive control and optimization of energy flow, enhancing operational efficiency.

Dynamic Adaptability
Elywhere:connect excels in flexibility, offering an open platform that seamlessly incorporates third-party applications. This adaptability enhances the functionality of the charging ecosystem, facilitating predictive maintenance, advanced price analytics, sophisticated load balancing, and comprehensive fleet management. Designed to be future-ready, Elywhere:connect reassures users of sustained relevance through evolving energy technologies and regulatory landscapes. Utilizing Docker containers, our platform promises a scalable and customizable solution prepared to meet the ever-changing operational needs of the energy sector.


"a platform as intuitive as it is powerful"

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