Innovating for a sustainable future: Elywhere pioneering with BESS & EV charging integration

Delivering today, not just planning for tomorrow

In an era where sustainability is not a choice but a necessity, we at Elywhere are proud to have been at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with EV charging infrastructures.

Elywhere isn’t just planning for a future with efficient energy use; we’ve been making it a reality.

For over two years, Elywhere has been actively deploying advanced solutions that have reshaped the landscape of high-capacity EV charging across Europe. Now, we are bringing our proven expertise to North America.

Our approach is both strategic and sustainable, designed to leverage the full potential of energy storage systems. By storing energy during periods of low demand and discharging it during peak EV charging times, we harmonize the relationship between supply and demand. This strategy not only improves strain on the electricity grid but also ensures that EV drivers have reliable, rapid charging available when they need it.

At Elywhere, we are committed to a future where EV charging is seamlessly integrated into our energy ecosystem, minimizing grid impact, and enhancing the convenience and accessibility of EV charging for all.

Elywhere’s Multifaceted Approach – Accessible, Agile, and Advanced

Democratizing EV charging:
We are expanding charging infrastructure into underserved areas. By installing stations in remote locations and areas with limited grid capacity, we ensure that EV charging is accessible for all, regardless of geography.

Bridging Systems:
We are leading the integration of Charge Point and Energy Management Systems, navigating the intricacies of both scheduled and unpredictable events. This convergence lays the groundwork for sophisticated features like fleet management and scheduling systems, ensuring a streamlined operational experience.

Rapid & Agile Deployment: Our Rapid Deployment Platform enables us to set up charging stations swiftly—significantly faster than traditional methods. With minimal groundwork required, these semi-mobile platforms offer the flexibility to relocate based on seasonal demand, expansion to larger modules, or market testing, allowing for scalable growth and market-responsive positioning.

Grid Services Integration: Our integration into ancillary markets is already proven, offering services like Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) and Fast Frequency Response (FFR), thereby contributing to grid stability.

Local Flexibility: Integrating with local flexibility markets, our technology acts as a stabilizing asset for the grid. This integration is vital for adapting to fluctuations in energy supply and demand, ensuring a balanced and resilient grid.

Renewable Energy Symbiosis: We seamlessly merge solar energy solutions with our charging infrastructure, creating a system that not only supports but thrives on the integration of renewable energy, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

MegaCharge Project for Heavy-Duty EVs: With the MegaCharge project, we’re pioneering the future of heavy-duty EV charging by introducing MegaWatt capacity stations, a vital step towards decarbonizing heavy transport and a clear move away from fossil fuel dependence.

This project, in collaboration with SINTEF Energi AS and with the support of the Norwegian government, showcases our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and our readiness to address the critical demands of the electrification of transportation.

Today, it’s heartening to see notable players in the industry like Recharge and Sparkion share this vision, announcing their plans to enhance grid stability through similar solutions.

Don’t wait for change. Create it with Elywhere

To our future partners, we say: let’s not wait for tomorrow to make a change. Elywhere is ready to help you make that leap now.

Join us in this transformation. For partnerships or to know more about our projects, reach out or visit www.elywhere.com


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