New charging directives from the EU

This October, the EU passed a new directive regarding the operation of charging points.

With an array of charge point operators (CPO) and more popping up in every country by the day, payment has become increasingly challenging for the consumer. WIth each CPO having their own application the consumer finds themselves feeling confused and overwhelmed. The new EU directive brings two solutions:

E-roaming means all charge points will be open for payment from your favourite charging app, and you will no longer be required to have one app per CPO. This will make charging more accessible, faster and easier.

Card payments
Another big change is the implementation of card payments directly on site. From 2024, you will be able to pay for your charging session as easily as you pay for groceries, by tapping your card.

The directive has set a deadline for implementation by 2027. For existing EU charge points, these new directives involves retrofitting thousands of charge points with card readers. While card readers will take time to install, e-roaming is a much less comprehensive job and may very well be implemented before then.

All in all these new directives will eliminate the complicated nature of todays rapid charging infrastructure and give the consumers a much needed simplification of the charging process.


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