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Welcome to the Elywhere press portal. 

Press contact

Any media or press related questions is to be directed to our CEO:

Anders Rudlang


Use of our logo is subject to the provided visual profile, as well as our visual profile guidelines provided below.

Visual profile guidelines

The Elywhere logo and visual profile is to be used only with permission. Please refer to the guidelines for all restrictions.

Guidelines for use of brand name and logo

Use of Elywheres logo and name including other trademarks for the company, product names, product images and the like is only permitted with prior written acceptance by Elywhere.

When you use Elywheres name / logo in marketing for external companies, you must obtain permission each time from Elywhere.

All references (including texts and images) to / about Elywhere must be approved by Elywhere.

All permissions to use Elywhere as a reference are valid for a maximum of two years from the date of permission, at which time a new permission must be obtained.

Reprinting of brochures, video material, etc., where Elywhere is included as a reference, requires a new permit (regardless of whether two years have passed since the permit was granted).

Elywhere cannot be used as a reference by external companies without the consent of Elywhere.

In general, the use of our name and logo must not contribute to a situation where the message can be perceived as being sent from Elywhere.

The name of Elywhere cannot, without prior written agreement, be included in any form of advertising or similar exposure.

When using a logo etc., the color and shape must not be changed and no graphic elements must be added.

In general, use must not cause misunderstanding as to who is the sender of such a message. The logo and name may only be used for approved purposes.

Elywhere reserves the right to reject or prohibit the use of the Elywhere name and logo at any time. Elywhere is not responsible for loss or damage, directly or indirectly, and is not liable to third parties for compensation claims as a result of the use of the name and logo, etc.

By using our logo with permission as stated, you are agreeing to these terms. Elywhere reserves the right to use legal action against use of our logo and other graphic elements without permission, or in a way that violates these terms.


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