The power of innovation: Elywhere’s battery-backed supercharger

Meeting the growing demand for EV charging

In the age of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for accessible and efficient charging solutions has surged. However, traditional in-ground chargers present numerous time and cost challenges. These include securing construction permits and the expenses associated with groundwork and electrical upgrades. These intricacies are heightened by issues such as power availability, the need for rapid order-to-customer charging, adaptability in site placement and relocation, and catering to the energy requirements of electric trucks. In this dynamic landscape, Elywhere unveils a groundbreaking solution—the Elywhere supercharger.

Built in Norway, Pioneering Worldwide

The Elywhere Supercharger isn’t just easy to install; it’s also the most grid-friendly solution available. This innovative charging solution combines cutting-edge battery technology with high-power charging capabilities, acting as a buffer that stores energy. It ensures high-power charging even in areas with limited grid connectivity, offering rapid charging for drivers, regardless of the local grid’s capacity.

Its adaptability to integrate renewable energy sources, like solar power, showcases a commitment to a greener future. By harnessing clean energy, it reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to energy independence, playing a vital role in the transition to sustainable transportation.

Beyond fast and accessible EV charging, the Elywhere supercharger provides grid support, acting as a flexible grid asset to balance power demands and mitigate grid instability. Elywhere’s solution allows participation in grid reserve markets, strengthening the electric grid and supporting clean energy integration.

The Sustainable Solution

Elywhere’s approach prioritizes environmental consciousness and leaves no physical footprint. Aligned with green tech principles, sustainability is intricately woven into its innovative design.

Elywhere introduces a rapidly deployable Supercharger, featuring a plug-and-play approach and advanced battery technology. This fully integrated DC charging station offers 300 kWh of storage and 300 kW charging power, with the flexibility to expand capacity using additional battery modules. Elywhere’s ES series can be swiftly installed on any flat surface in under 24 hours, requiring a mere 63A/400V power supply.

Efficient Energy Management

In addition to its straightforward installation process, Elywhere provides a comprehensive energy management and control platform with round-the-clock support. Elywhere combines an Energy Management System (EMS) and a Charge Point Management System (CPMS) to optimize charger fleet operation. This integrated solution offers numerous benefits, including real-time insights into charging activities, precise monitoring of charging sessions and energy consumption, prompt detection of charging faults to minimize downtime and enhance user satisfaction, proactive and reactive remediation. Streamlined administrative controls allow for easy customization and management of the charging infrastructure. Additionally, advanced energy flow management optimizes costs, minimizes grid impact, and ensures an efficient customer charging experience. The platform also includes modules for payment systems branding options with the added possibility of LED and digital signage.

Elywhere’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and advanced energy management places it at the forefront of innovative supercharger solutions. This comprehensive approach not only revolutionizes EV charging but also champions a cleaner, more sustainable future for transportation.


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