The untapped potential of IT in the EV charging revolution

In the rapidly evolving landscape of EV charging, the focus is often on the physical components: the chargers, cables, inverters, and batteries. However, what often goes unnoticed is the digital backbone fueling this green revolution. The true dynamism of electrification isn’t just within the hardware—it primarily resides in the realm of software.

Beyond the Hardware

At Elywhere, we’re not just in the business of charging electric vehicles. We’re in the business of transforming the way we conceive energy storage, distribution, and consumption. At the heart of this transformation is a sophisticated IT architecture that orchestrates the entire charging ecosystem.

Imagine an EV charging station intelligently managing grid demands, energy storage, consumption, and local production, even returning power to the grid when necessary. This is where the spotlight shines on edge computing. By equipping our charging infrastructure with advanced edge-to-cloud capabilities, we vigilantly monitor electrical parameters, environmental conditions, and seamlessly integrate third-party cloud data sources.

Revolutionizing EV Charging with EMS and CPMS

At Elywhere, we pioneer a groundbreaking hybrid solution, seamlessly merging the capabilities of a Charge Point Management System (CPMS) and an Energy Management System (EMS). This transformative approach places us at the forefront, controlling DC chargers and batteries within our platforms, while maintaining a strong agnostic stance, enabling integration with various charger and battery vendors. This EMS-CPMS fusion empowers us to deliver efficient, resilient, cost-effective, and data-driven charging solutions, all while serving as the master system for energy flow management, including participation in power reserve markets like FFR and FCR, and charging operations. This provides unparalleled flexibility for charge point operators.

The Power of Data

Data is the lifeblood of the digital world, and the EV charging industry is no exception. Our charging stations don’t just store and deliver electricity; they also generate a wealth of information with countless possibilities.

We understand that data is paramount in our journey to revolutionize EV charging. We utilize a network of advanced sensors, including power meters, temperature sensors, GPS, tilt sensors, and shock sensors. These sensors optimize charging and energy storage, bolster security, and enable effective responses.

Moreover, by integrating power spot prices, traffic updates, weather data, and historical data analysis, we meticulously optimize charging schedules. This, in turn, allows us to make cost-effective charging decisions, ensuring the utmost efficiency in charging and energy storage processes.

The combined power of these sensors is pivotal in incident response, enabling rapid assessment and resolution. They also streamline charging activities in line with demand and environmental conditions. Our sensor-driven approach reinforces our commitment to data-driven innovation, ensuring efficient, resilient, and cost-effective charging solutions.

Innovation and the IT-powered future

In the realm of EV charging, software takes center stage, with applications and algorithms emerging as the unsung heroes. We harness the power of IT to craft a cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable future, recognizing that the genuine potential of EVs lies within their IT architecture. In the crossroads of IT and EV charging, we address current challenges and those on the horizon. At Elywhere, we lead the way, pioneering innovations at this dynamic juncture between IT and EV charging, forging new frontiers in transportation and energy.


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